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Retard, pretending to be Serbalways posting, pedaling similar bullsh t and misinformationsNow we are closing on Russian settling up scores with US NATOOnce Ukraine is resolved as problem for goodYou will lose your trolling job soon enough.

The helmet according to claims or wherein said means to secure helmet side pieces together includes eyelets for lacingUS , Protective helmet for the retarded Expired Lifetime USA ( en )

A man invents a retard helmet and puts it on a test subjectA man invents a retard helmet and puts it on a test subject.

Media in category "Military helmets of Ukraine"The following files are in this category, out of totalANAKONDA Lithuanian Polish Ukrainian Brigade recovers area of operation .jpg , × , KB.

When I was but a child in Soviet Ukraine, nearby the Chernobyl incident, I banged my retard helmet daily against the dreary orphanage walls daily waiting to be adoptedThe orphanage staff Olga and Helga made us pickle beets laced with krokodil for the rare passerby tourist from France named Pierre who anally raped us countless times on full moons.

..In order to increase the combat capability of theUkrainian Ground Forcesof the Armed Forces of Ukraine scientific production enterprise TEMP has improved the ballistic helmet Kaska MOn March , fifteen ballistic helmets were transferred to the Ukrainian Ground Forces for experimental wear.

Still, William BTaylor Jr a former top American diplomat in Ukraine, said a firm signal of American support against Russias president, Vladimir VPutin, was the clear priority.

A Ukrainian soldier's weapon, flak jacket and helmet hang on the wall of the underground bunker where he lives on the front line in eastern Ukraine.

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