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The bee suit I have is too small, and has the pith helmut type hood with the dstringIt's easy for a wasp to get up into the hoodAs for duct taping the wrists and ankles, what is SOP, but at times, esp moving around, digging, etcskin gets exposed, or openings open up, regardless of how careful I am.

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VIVO BEE V Professional White Beekeeping SuitVIVO as a brand is well known for its quality beekeeping suits, among other beekeeping equipmentIts BEE V Professional White Beekeeping Suit is nothing short of the best qualityIt is one of the best suits in the market and is in particular ideal for the new beekeeper.

Comfortable ProtectionThis professional grade beekeeper or wasp protection suit offers complete protection when working with bees, wasps, or other stinging insectsThe suit includes Free Cowhide leather gloves with every suit! Lightweight and durable cotton and poly blend bodysuitVentilated adjustable safari helmet color may vary.

Openings Elastic Wrist Openings and Ankle Openings seal suit and provide extra protection Material This suit is made from a comfortable, lightweight, protective fabric Size Suit is " from top of hood to bottom of ankle gatherings, recommended to fit someone up to about '" Cleaning The jacket and hood are hand washable

Wasp Protective SuitUsage Wasp Protective Suit provides effective and comfortable protection against stings from bees, wasps and hornetsFeature Head Made from glass fiber and an adjustable chin strap inside Face Made of P.C at an angle of ° Hard Coating outside and Anti Fog Coating inside Wasp Protective Suit is composed of

wasp protection suit manufacturers on usage instructions and safety guidelinesFind a wide array of thesewasp protection suit such as t shirts, jackets, gloves and many moreHere you can find all kinds ofwasp protection suit in different sizes, shapes, and colors that suite your individual needsThe products have been certified and

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Hornet protective suit with options the words "FIREFIGHTERS" and a hood that protects hornets, bees and wasp from bitesSpecialist coverall protecting against stings hornets, bees and waspsHead protection, which is attached to the whole of the suit with a zipper, is placed directly on the fire helmetThe Hornet suit is made of three layers.

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A wasp trapped in clothing is more difficult to deal with because any slight movement can press garments against itSo, if you can bear it, stay very still and let the wasp find its own way out