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The flame sensor is made to control the gas flow from the gas valve, similar to a thermocoupleIt will identify the flame to make sure that the furnace did fireWhen the gas valve is open, but the unit didnt fire, its not emitting just propane or natural gasIt will also

Watch a Pinnacle Career Institute student demonstrate how to test a flame sensor in a furnaceVideo narrated by PCI Online HVAC, Lead Faculty, Bret Doles.

How to check and replace the flame sensor and hot surface ignitor on a Bryant AAV furnaceThese are parts that commonly fail and you can save money by do

The flame sensors purpose is self explanatory its meant to sense when theres a flame in the furnace and when there isntIf the sensor doesnt notice any fire, the gas valve will close as to not leak any unnecessary gas.

A flame sensor is designed to regulate the flow of gas from a gas valve, much like a thermocoupleTesting one is essential to maintaining proper and safe functionality of a gas powered device regulated by a flame sensor, such as a gas dryer, furnace or water boiler.

Furnace not working Flame sensor troubleshootingThis video is packed with just about all the information about flame sensor testing, operation, troublesh

The stock flame sensor will have the following reaction with this code If holding a flame within feet in front of the sensor "case " will be activated and " Close Fire " will be sent to the serial monitorIf holding a flame between feet and feet in front of

How to Check the Flame Sensor A gas dryer blows air through a burner assembly to heat the airThe burner assembly consists essentially of a gas valve, ignitor and in dryers that use a glow type of ignitor, a flame sensorIf the flame sensor fails, the ignitor may

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If flame sensor requires cleaning more often then once a year it should be replaced, or check for other problems like vent stack temperature, gas pressure, or primary air need to be adjustedHow to clean flame sensor First find the flame sensor.