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DuPont launches its highest level of protectionDuPont Protection Technologies has announced the launch of the new Nomex DP outer shell fabric with intelligent Flux TechnologyBuilding on over years of successfully keeping firefighters safe, this new patented outer shell fabric is the latest innovation from DuPont and completes its

Nomex Series papers are based on a technology that helps enable increased voltage endurance and a higher level of fire resistance for improved safety and longer service lifeThe Nomex Series is ideal for a variety of rotating machine applications, including inverter duty motors large industrial motors used in mills and mining wind generators hydro alternators and turbo

DuPont does not manufacture or sell chemical resistant bootsHowever, we do offer some coveralls and encapsulated suits with attached socksThese socks can be worn as an extra layer of protection inside of chemical resistant boots.

Delivering the highest cut protection levels, this lightweight gauge glove meets EN cut level F performanceKevlar is an integral part of the design, combined with steel core fibers in a composite blend material to achieve high protection without

second countsGarments made from Nomex DP also offer firefighters the benefit of high comfort levelsThe new DuPont Nomex DP outer shell fabric comprises two layers of fabric woven together using an intelligent weaving structure patented by

DuPont offers a variety of material options to create multi layered systems as well as high arc suitsDuPont Nomex helps protect wearers appropriately in different industries and working environmentsOver more than years, Nomex is trusted amongst

DuPont garments and accessories are produced according to extremely high levels of quality, comfort, durability, breathability and protection to address customers requirementsSingle Use In cleanroom environments it is important to protect the product and process from human contamination.

CSA Z CLASS LEVEL FR M Scotchlite Reflective Material FR tape silver reflective tape (Fire Trim X) stitched over enhanced visibility trim Related Products Nomex IIIA