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Quick Info IFR suit coverall protects from industrial flash firesThe aramid fibers used in the garment provides superior flame resistanceThe fibers will not melt, burn, drip or support combustion in airIt is inherently flame resistant and this property cannot be degraded by launderingMaterial IFR suit Weight ± g m (± Oz Yd²) or custom weightSizes Small, medium

PROXIMITY Globe PROXIMITY is the worlds first leather boot to meet the radiant heat requirements of Proximity Fire Fighting in addition to meeting all of the requirements of Structural Fire Fighting in the NFPA standard so it can be the one boot you wear for all your calls.

Proximity flame retardant suits iranNomex Flame Retardant Coveralls Applications nomex coveralls are an industry standard for petrochemicals, utilities, military applications, auto racing, volunteer and professional fire fighters and can be used as arc flash clothing.

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