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PASSIVE FIRE PROTECTION INTUMESCENT COATINGS Table Ratio of Surface Exposed to Fire and "Heat Sink" restoration afterwardsPoor durability can also lead to corrosion of the substrate, compromising structural integrityTo ensure durability of intumescent coatings the key ingredients ammonium polyphosphate, melamine and pentaerythritol

Intumescent paint is an integral part of effective passive fire protection systemWhen exposed to extreme temperatures, it rapidly expands to protect the surface that its applied toThis prevents, minimises, or delays fire damage to building structures, ultimately providing time for occupants to evacuate safely.

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New range of thin film intumescent coatings, designed to protect I, H beams and columns (open sections), providing up to minutes cellulosic fire protectionThese highly protective coatings expand at extreme temperatures, transforming from an ultra thin film into a thick, foam like layer that insulates the steel from cellulosic fire.

Fire ProtectionFSB can provide , , and minutes fire protection on metal surfaces, plasterboard, fibrous plaster, structural and decorative timber and also have a knowledge of all passive fire penetrationsFSB Group not only ensures an accurate fire rating, but also a good appearance of a quality finished job.

Intumescent coating is an increasingly used way of providing passive fire protection to the load bearing structures, especially structural steel, which is becoming more and more popular in modern architectural design of both industrial and commercial buildings.

Hilti Fire Finish CFP SP WB is a high performance, water based intumescent fire resistive material, or IFRM, for architecturally exposed structural steel in interior and exterior applications with approved top coatsThis product has been tested for a wide range of beam sizes and ratings and offers key aesthetic and productivity gains to

Flexible fire protectionSome intumescent coatings are designed and marketed towards onshore fire protection applications and as such, are designed to tackle less aggressive pool firesA coating designed for more aggressive jet fires will normally require a more robust material and additional thicknesses due to the erosive forces it generates.

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FlameOFF Coatings, Incmanufactures intumescent coatings that are IBC NFPA Code Compliant for ASTM E fire endurance ratings that require or hour fire protection in accordance with UL (ASTM E), CAN ULC S and ISO standardsTo achieve the proper fire rating, our coating must be applied to the specific Dry Film Thickness

Intumescent Coatings or PaintsNo Burn is a leader in passive fire protective coatingsOur intumescent coatings provide the code compliant, life saving protection you need for new and existing residential and commercial constructionWhen exposed to extreme heat or fire, No Burn intumescent paint swells to many times its original wet film

Intumescent Coating vsCementitious CoatingPassive fire protection tends to fall into one of the following three categories dense concrete, lightweight cementitious and intumescent coatingThey are not all created equalRecently, cementitious coatings have become less relevant to fireproofing a facilityAs technology has progressed