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Task Equipment Condition () Arc Flash PPE Required (, ) The tables in the edition of NFPA E identified some tasks as Hazard Risk Category (HRC) Those

If an Incident Energy Analysis (part of an Arc Flash Risk Assessment) has not been performed, you should refer to the Edition of NFPA E for the Arc Flash PPE Category Method Table (C)(c).

ARC FLASH BOUNDARY Only Qualified Persons wearing appropriate PPE for the Arc Flash Boundary, as determined by the Incident Energy Risk Assessment, may enterA Quick Guide to NFPA Eand CSA ZApproach Boundaries for Arc Flash and Shock Sample Arc Flash and Shock Hazard Label for

ARC FLASH ANALYSIS An arc flash hazard analysis shall determine the arc flash boundary, the incident energy at the working distance and the ppe people within the arc flash boundary shall use Exception The requirements of (c) and (c) shall be permitted in lieu of determining the incident energy at the working distance

Understanding Arc Flash Hazard CategoriesNFPA E regulations breaks down hazard categories into four parts with a risk rating ranging from one to fourIts important for the safety of your workers and your company to meet the required Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) standards of your industryThe following is a chart of required