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Safety and Anti Static RulesThe most important rules to remember about anti static precautions are the following Always use an anti static kit when working on a computer except when working on monitors (more about that below) or when working on a computer that is plugged into electrical powerOn one end of an anti static strap is an elastic

Anti static footwear discharges anti static build upThis dissipation of electrostatic charges lessens the risk of spark ignition of flammable substances and vapoursAnti static footwear provides some protection against electrical hazards from live circuits (up to volts) but not as great as electrical hazard resistant footwear.

ESD or static electricity can DESTROY your fancy new electronicsHere's how to be safe and handle them without damaging them.FORUM LINK http linustechtip

Static electricity results from a difference in electrical charge between two surfacesFor example, if you rubbed your sock covered feet on a carpet, your feet would scrape off electronsThe electrons give you a negative static charge, and when you touched another object such as your doorknob the electrons would be transferred to that

ESD stands for Electrostatic DischargeStatic electricity is an electrical charge that is at restThis is mainly created by imbalance of electrons that stay on a specific surface, or in the environmental airThe imbalance of electrons ( in all cases, is caused by absence or surplus of electrons) thus causes an electrical field that is

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Static Dissipating Safety Shoes and non Safety Shoes have a SD clearly visible on the ASTM label sewn inside the safety shoes(ASTM F Sec), To accomplish Static Dissipating environments consistently, several things must be controlled.

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