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The Military Vest is a Rare Vest in Unturned It is found at Military Locations and is sometimes dropped by military zombiesThe military vest provides significant protection from all attacks it's more effective than the Civilian Vest and the Police VestIt provides sufficient protection to protect the player from bleeding when attacked by zombies in Hard difficulty, with the exception of

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Russian Military surplus is merchandise, normally material, that are sold to the common people because the military knows that people will love to have something that will make them feel stronger and more responsible as the military is the sign of responsibility.

In July , in a Kazakhstan NATO cooperation plan, the first Partnership for Peace training center in Central Asia called the Kazakhstan Center (Kazcent) was opened in the Military Institute of Ground ForcesThe centers main objective is to train the relevant military personnel designated to participate in peacekeeping operations, and its

Kazakhstan has one of the most extensive peacekeeping operations in the Commonwealth of Independent StatesThe KAZBAT is the main Kazakh peacekeeping military unit, falling under the th Air Assault Brigade (KAZBRIG) of the Airmobile ForcesIt was formed on January by decree of President Nursultan Nazarbayev.

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Kazakhstans security forces receive funds from the U.SInternational Military Education and Training program, the Foreign Military Financing program, the Overseas Humanitarian Disaster and Civic Aid program, the Wales Initiative Fund, the Global Peace Operations Initiative, and the Building Partner Capacity program.

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Were issued in Georgian woodland digital camouflageReplaced by DELTA MK I and MK II series vestsAll Purpose Vest MK I Georgia Standard issue armoured vest of the militaryThe vest itself can provide protection against small arms fire in accordance to Type IIIA NIJ Std (Level IIIA) without platesMk II Special Purpose Vest Georgia

KulturgeografiOblasten blev dannet som en administrativ enhed i med navnet Ural oblast ( russisk trUralskaja oblast) som en del af Det russiske KejserrigeBetegnelsen Vest Kazakhstan opstod marts , men i perioden maj juni vendte betegnelsen Ural oblast tilbage igen til territoriet.