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So let's sum up reasons you may want to reconsider this coffee shopHighly competitiveAnd your competition ranges from the unending reservoir of people just like you with glorious visions of opening an indy coffee shop right up to the major chains and franchisesMarket saturation.

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Taken from their franchise disclosure documents the total investment required to buy a McDonald's franchise is ,to ,,A lot of people

How much a Chick fil A costsThe initial franchise fee for a Chick fil A is only ,This is relatively low, as the industry average is upwards of ,, for franchises such as Taco Bell and McDonaldsBut when you compare Taco Bell or McDonalds to Chick fil A, you aren't comparing apples to apples.

The franchise fee is just ,, almost comically low for a restaurant franchise, and initial investment can range anywhere from , about what a Chick fil A costs to run to ,Fewer than percent of Chick fil A franchise applicants who make it past initial screening will ultimately become an owner operator with the company.

Here are the top reasons you may not want to buy a food franchiseMost people think all you have to do is buy a big name food franchise and be set for lifeSadly, most people who have this dream will speak to one single food franchise, never compare to anything else and never know if there were better options.

Think you want to own a Chick fil A Franchise Want to know how much you can earn with a Chick Fil A Tune in today with Franchise City For some people is c

Top Six Reasons NOT to Get a Chik Fil A FranchiseFranchise City ^ franchise.city Posted on AM PST by BDParrishThere is a lot that Chick fil A has done rightEarnings per store or AUV's (average unit volumes) are at the top of the QSR at million.