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The boot glove allows for the key middle buckle to be accessed without removing the gloveI have the medium for my boots, which seems perfectThe only knock on these is that after five days of skiing the neoprene is getting a bit scored by the opposing ski edge.

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DryGuy ski boot cover will keep the temperature in your bot above degrees F at all timesDuring the tests in Fairbanks, they have placed a Boot Glove over just one boot and went skiingIn the end, the shell of the protected ski boot was over degrees warmer than the one that was left unprotectedThe best thing is that multiple tests have

nice side benefit, that is, the glove shields the boot buckles and top surface from snow and grimeBe sure to get the right size for your ski boot, because if you get, say, the Medium for a small boot, the boot glove will appear to fit but the front edge will slip down onto the lip of the bootThat makes it hard to clip into your bindings.

DryGuy glove and boot dryers produce boot dryers that can be used to dry a single pair of boots on the car ride home from the slopes and shop units that can be configured to hold from to pairs of bootsRegardless of the size of the unit, DryGuy boot dryers safely dry gear at a temperature of no more than degrees.

DryGuy Boot Gloves offer insulating protection from frigid winter conditionsNeoprene layers fit snugly over your ski boots, helping keep icy wind chill from creeping in and heat from seeping outAvailable at REI, Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Ideally, Dryguy could update their design so the solestrap is further back and takes advantage of the sole cutout area (under instep) that many modern boots have todayAs the design is now, the solestrap will probably wear out quickly for folks that attempt to leave the Bootgloves on when walking around the resort.

The Boot Gloves are made by Dry Guy and come in three sizesPerfect for before and after races or while standing in snow to build anchorsOr just when its fricken cold outmm thick neoprene adds up to °F to your feetSide pads are abrasion resistant to protect from skis.

DryGuy, one of the top manufacturers of ski boot gloves, claims that their BootGlove adds up to ° F to the toe boxIn a field test in Alaska, the DryGuy team sent out a test skier with one boot gloved up, the other one naked.

Dryguy Boot GloveThe Dryguy Bootglove gives alpine skiers the upper edge in extreme conditions providing excellent warmth and body heat retentionA performance layering system that blocks the loss of body heat from your bootsTested to hold in body heat adding up to degrees F to the shell of your boots toe box, for toasty toes.

Explore DryGuy for the best in gear and boot dryersIdeal for year round use, DryGuy dryers can dry everything from ski and snowboarding boots in the winter to fishing waders and soccer cleats in the spring and summer monthsFor every adventure, dry your gear with DryGuy.