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Another boast worthy feature on the Switchblade MIPS is the Roc Loc Air DH fit system, which has a bumper around the dial to prevent accidental adjustments if your helmet contacts your backpack or neck brace all while keeping you cool.

A convertible helmet like the switchblade will simply not check all the boxes of a DH and a trail helmetBut when you need both at the same time, this option is light years ahead of its competition and way more practical than carrying two helmetsGiro Switchblade MSRP See more at

The Switchblade is a certified helmet for a downhill cycling activity that is equipped with a removable chin bar just like the Bell Super HD helmetWhen you take a look at the Switchblade MIPS helmet, Giro will offer you five different color schemes which you can choose freely, blue and black, full black, full green, gray, and blue black green.

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But after receiving this Giro Switchblade, I cannot but help comment on how the Switchblade is so much lighter, and significantly smaller, than the RemedyThe Remedy looks like a diving bell helmet in comparison (and probably weights as much)The Switchblade in black pairs the best with silver mirrored goggles, in my opinion.

The Giro Switchblade MIPS is a serious ATSM DH certified helmet with a removable chin barThis helmet is an excellent choice for the rider who doesn't plan on wearing this lid for a substantial amount of pedaling due to limited breathability over the ears and high cheek zoneWhen charging downhill with the chin bar removed, the extra coverage

The Switchblade is the most complex helmet Giro have ever made a helmet for mountainbiking and that means ALL of the mountain, climbing traversing and descending the most technically challenging terrain with all the built in safety that a DH helmet provides and more than a touch of moto cool.

While other companies entered the convertible helmet market, Giro took its time, learning from the shortcomings of others, refining its designs and focusing on making a new Switchblade that was a

Giro SwitchbladeThe Switchblade was designed to meet the DH standards of a full face helmet at an enduro acceptable weightGiro Switchblade Helmet ReviewWords by JC Canfield Photos by Jann EberharterWhen I first saw photos of Richie Rude rocking the Giro Switchblade on the Enduro World Series, I chuckled to myself aloud

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Switchblade MIPS Helmet.The Switchblade MIPS is an ASTM Downhill certified full face helmet with a removable chinbar so you can easily switch to rowdy when it's time to descendSwitchblade MIPS Helmet..

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