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A megohm resistor allows any static charge, whether from the bench through the product and then through the grounded person or operator or vice versa, to discharge completely over time, typically less than secondWithout the meg resistance, the static discharge would be an instantaneous drain directly to ground through the product.

But when you attach your anti static wrist strap to the case, there is a M resistance between you and the case, because of the M resistor in practically every coil cord that comes with a wrist strapSo, apparently, touching the case, without a resistor, is fineBut a wrist strap should be bonded through a resistorThat's contradictory.

Now, an antistatic wrist strap (otherwise known as an ESD wrist strap or ground bracelet) is essential to safely ground a person in order to prevent the buildup of static electricityThe higher the resistivity of your antistatic wrist strap the less susceptible it is to higher voltagesThe extra resistance prevents excessive currents passing

An indirect ventilation system located at the top and bottom of the frame helps promote airflow and heat release while offering a facial sealSafety glasses include a wide adjustable elastic strap with quick release system for a secure fitPasses MIL PRF high velocity impact standards.

Some static dissipative floors can make it VERY difficult to achieve the required combination resistance value of carts, chairs and even technicians in heel straps for compliance in electronic manufacturingSTATIC CONDUCTIVE These floors have a PTP and RTG of greater than E and less than E ( Megohm)For electronic manufacturing

Anti Static Resistivity generally between and ohms per squareInitial electrostatic charges are suppressedMay be surface resistive, surface coated or filled throughoutStatic Dissipative Resistivity generally between and ohms per squareLow or no initial charges prevents discharge to from human contact.

Test the resistance value of your ESD strap periodicallyTo properly protect against electrostatic discharge, an ESD strap should have a resistance value in the range of to OhmsYou can test resistance using a multimeter, a relatively inexpensive instrument you can order online or find in computer tech shops.

Anti static wristband or Anti static wrist strap is one such very useful antistatic device that is normally worn in the handThis is also called as the grounded bracelet or ESD brand which is tied on the hand of the person working on a very sensitive electronic device.

Shoes are antistatic if the measured contact resistance is in the range between kiloohm ( ohm) and gigaohm ( ohm)According to the standard, if contact resistance falls below this value, they are considered to be conductive, while a higher value means they are electrically insulating.

An Anti Static Mat with a Wrist Strap bonded at a Common Point Ground Cable snapped into the matThe standard governing workstations is ANSI ESD It covers the range of ways that wrist straps, personnel, and mats can be electrically bonded (grounded) .