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Flame graphs can be created in three steps Capture stacks Fold stacks Capture stacks Stack samples can be captured using Linux perf_events, FreeBSD pmcstat (hwpmc), DTrace, SystemTap, and many other profilersSee the Linux perf

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Flame Graphs flame graph perf performance Linux CPU

In the previous article we explored the basic capabilities of linux Perf_toolIn this write up I am trying to extend these capabilities and show how to generate and read Flame Graphs for analyzing the profiles generated with Perf_toolHow to generate Flame Graphs

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The flame graph software includes stackcollapse , for processing the output of the Lightweight Java Profiler (LJP)My blog post Java Flame Graphs summarizes how to use LJPIf you create a system flame graph (eg, using perf on Linux), as well as an LJP

flame graph perf perf performance Linux CPU stack

Here I'll show one way to do off CPU time flame graphs using Linux perf_eventsExample (click to zoom) Unlike the CPU flame graph, in this graph the width spans the total duration that a code path was sleepingA "sleep " command was caught, shown on the far right as having slept for , ms.

Milian Wolff's Hotspot the Linux perf GUI for performance analysis tool has flame graphs (I'm not sure exactly when it merged.) More Flame Graph news (updated Dec ) Jon Hadad wrote about Analyzing Cassandra Performance with Flame Graphs .

Flame Graphs flame graph perf performance Linux CPU stack