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Surge suppression is crucial to any power quality and power protection system, including lightning protection and three phases power systemsTVSS guard against transient overvoltages, sometimes call transients, spikes or surges, hence the name Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor or TVSSTransients are

A surge protective device (spd) is designed to protect electrical systems and equipment from surge and transient events by limiting transient voltages lightning and surge protection are two elements of an effective electrical protection system.

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Essentially, a surge protector device must be rated for use with the lightning protection system according to its Nominal Discharge Current, or the peak value of I n ( s) that the SPD can still function at after applied surgesAccording to UL A, for example, service entrance SPDs must have a Nominal Discharge Current rating of kA.

Guide to Surge Protection Devices Lightning discharges could contain currents of ,A which if struck at or near power transmission lines would generate a significant voltage transientThis voltage transient could cause significant damage to both domestic and commercial electronic equipment.

Surge protector also known as Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor , Surge Protection Devices or Surge Suppression Equipment is the equipment designed to protect electrical and electronic equipments from power surges and voltage spikesSurge protector diverts the excess voltage and current from transient or surge into grounding wire.

ABOUT PSYTRONICS transient voltage protection systemsPSYTRONICS has been a manufacturer of industrial surge suppressors since Our unique clamping effect has produced thousands of satisfied customers eliminating costly maintenance malfunctions of CNC machine tools and solid state devices.

Transient Voltage Surge Suppressors are now classified as a Surge Protection Devices (SPD) per rdUL edition SPDare differentiatedby various types based on the location they are placed in the electrical systemSoutheast Region Workshop Tampa,Florida

Surge eventsshort term transients in voltage threatening critical downstream equipmenthappen for many reasonsincluding internal devices powering on and off (motors, transformers, photocopiers, fluorescent lighting ballasts, light dimmers, variable frequency drives and more) and external events (lightning, grid switching or electrical equipment in adjacent buildings).

TVS is abbreviation for transient voltage suppressorFrom their name, they seems like the same thingYet in surge protection industry, TVS is an electrical component (a diode) that serves the purpose of surge suppressionIt is one the top most common surge protection components (the other is MOV and GDT ).

Surge Protection is no longer just an optionStop existing surge relate d activityP revent future surge related damageReduce electrical maintenance costs and downtimeImprove equipment reliabilitySet your electrical and electronics transient voltage protection design apart from the competitionGet the Right ResultsStay operating when

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