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Cleaning arc flash suit kits and face shields is a breeze with the right tools tipsLEARN MOREWhy Oberon The original innovator of Arc Flash products, Oberon is dedicated to engineering, testing standards, and being American madeWe cant stop and wont stop providing for our customers safety.

Our Arc Flash Suit Selector helps you choose Arc Flash PPE (formerly HRC) according to NFPA E StandardsChoose your Arc Flash Clothing by calorie level.

Our arc flash PPE offers a head to toe solution including garments, head protection, foot protection, hand protection and accessories to use on the jobShow Filters Product Result Cal cm Coats, Bibs, Pants, Coveralls, and HoodsPro Wear Plus Arc Flash Cal cm

Arc Flash Suit Protection LevelsAn arc flash suit must meet the arc flash PPE category levels for the conditions it is used inThese conditions and categories are laid out in NFPA E Table (C)(a) below

Lightweight Protera arc flash protective clothing is lighter than comparable cal FR cotton clothing light enhancing faceshield for better visibilityIncludes multi layer Protera Nomex Kevlar short coat, bib overall and arc flash hood, hood bag an

Arc flash suits can protect workers from electricity related injuries, specifically burns due to arc flashesIn this post, we discuss some tips for using arc flash suits to ensure you are fully protectedIf you are considering the purchase of an arc flash suit check out our useful Arc Flash Suit Buying Guide.

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