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Define coveredcovered synonyms, covered pronunciation, covered translation, English dictionary definition of coveredvcov·ered , cov·er·ing , cov·ers vtr.

coverageAn amount by which something or someone is coveredThe amount of space or time given to an event in newspapers or on television(genetics) The average number of reads representing a given nucleotide in the reconstructed sequenceThe area covered by a mobile phone ( cellphone) or other radio network,

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Define coverallscoveralls synonyms, coveralls pronunciation, coveralls translation, English dictionary definition of coverallsnoften coveralls A loose fitting one piece work garment worn to protect clothes.

Define coveragescoverages synonyms, coverages pronunciation, coverages translation, English dictionary definition of coveragescoverage the extent to which

Synonyms for Coveralls in Free ThesaurusAntonyms for Coveralls words related to coverall dust coat, gaberdine, smock, duster, gabardine, jumper, boilers suit

Define Coverdale MilesCoverdale Miles synonyms, Coverdale Miles pronunciation, Coverdale Miles translation, English dictionary definition of Coverdale MilesMiles .

Define cover versioncover version synonyms, cover version pronunciation, cover version translation, English dictionary definition of cover versionnA recording or performance of a song that was previously recorded or made popular by another.

Define CoverchiefCoverchief synonyms, Coverchief pronunciation, Coverchief translation, English dictionary definition of CoverchiefnA covering for the headWebster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published by G CMerriam Co

coveredcoveredcoveredcoveredcoveredcovered a lot of groundcovered a multitude of sinscovered all basescovered all the bases.

coverage Clinical medicine The provision of medical services by one physician for another, who is usually board certified in the same specialty as the physician for whom he is 'covering' in the US, a physician must ensure 'coverage' when absent from his practice, or he is legally liable for 'abandonment,' should a Pt need care during his absence Medical malpractice The provision of liability