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NFPA E Major ChangesThis FREE hour training program provides an overview of the major changes to the Edition of NFPA E Standard for Electrical Safety in the WorkplaceOnce again this latest edition is filled with many changes and revisionsFirst published in , the edition places a greater emphasis on the

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The version of our ESTS electrical safety arc flash shock course is NFPA E and OSHA compliant and was developed for workers who perform energized electrical workThe course content was developed using industry accepted best practice standards to meet state and federal regulatory due diligence for arc flash and shock.

The NFPA E Handbook provides the edition of the standard with supporting notes, analysis, and visuals that assist in maintaining Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace and OSHA complianceThe handbook provides information and guidance to assist in taking action and making decisions that decrease incidents and protect personnel.

For more information or to receive a price quote for NFPA group training, please call or e mail Safety is Everyones Job While exposure to electricity continues to rank among the most common cause of workplace injuries, many incidents can be avoided by complying to the latest edition of NFPA E.

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Arc Flash Accident, Arc Flash Risk Assessment, Lockout Tagout Training, News, OSHA Violation OSHA NFPA e Violation Jacobs Field Services in Columbus, Nebraska was fined , after an employee was hospitalized from an arc flash hazard accident.