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Reasons to Choose a Nomex Flight Suit Carter The Nomex Flight Suit is the result of years of research and innovation, and were proud to give our troops the apparel they deserveOur suits are always in high demand, so we have a Carter is the only official producer of Nomex, and the only place where

NOMEX Limitedwear has been certified as compliant with NFPA guidelines by Underwriters LaboratoriesNOMEX Limitedwear is inherently flame resistant, launderable, and wont melt and drip or support combustion in the airAs primary flash fire protective apparel, NOMEX Limitedwear is designed to be worn

Nomex Limitedwear for Military This coverall is designed to protect servicemen and women from the dangers of flash firesIt is a lightweight, limited use garment that can be comfortably worn over most uniforms and can be vacuum packed for compact storage and mobility.

NOMEX Limitedwear For MilitaryTHE FLAME RESISTANT, LIMITED USE OPTION TO PROTECT YOUR SOLDIERSEasy to carryEasy to wearHard to beatNOMEX Limitedwear for Military, the latest innovation from DuPont, is a lightweight limited use garment that helps protect service men and women from the dangers of fires.

Nomex Limitedwear provides protection from flash fires and, while it is washable, it is only designed to be worn for limited periodsThe Nomex IIIA fabric is the most popular as is has a static dissipative and is available in both a oz and a oz weight fabric.

It is an award that presents and celebrates the young industry players under the age of who are at the forefront of bringing Nordic music to the world in its respective yearThanks in part to COVID we are reminded of the fragility of our industry, and thus recruitment of young people in to the music industry is more important than ever.

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