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Insulating footwear can help to reduce the shock to ground if one hand is touching a live wireHowever if the other hand is holding the metal body of a earthed toaster they will not help you because the current will pas from one hand to the other via the heartThis is the most dangerous sort of electric shock.

In other words, neither wire is a shock hazard unless a person is grounded, and then only the hot is a potential shock hazardOf course, if a person were to touch both wires at the same time, he would be shocked simply because his body is completing connection between "hot" and "ground" wires.

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a "live" wire, so the person touching a single wire is actually making contact between two points in the circuit (the wire and earth) Muscle cramps Respiratory arrest Ventricular fibrillation Burns Electrolysis Physiological Effects of Electricity Current must enter the body at one point and leave at some other point.

If you are isolated from ground and touching two wires with your bare hands, electrocution is possible if the voltage difference has the potential to cause a lethal electric shock and the insulation on the conductors is insufficient to limit the current to below the threshold for a lethal electric shock.

applied across the person contacting the lower wire, and they will not receive a shockFor the same reason, the wire connecting the circuit to the grounding rod plates is usually left bare (no insulation), so that any metal object it brushes up against will similarly be electrically common with the earth.

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In answer to the second question, rubber soled shoes do indeed provide some electrical insulation to help protect someone from conducting shock current through their feetHowever, most common shoe designs are not intended to be electrically safe, their soles being too thin and not of the right substance.

The reason I have always heard to explain the reduction of electric shock when we wear insulating footwear goes as follows When electricity passes from our body to the ground, an electric circuit is completeThis results in flow of charges resulting in an electric shockHowever, an insulator makes this circuit open by not allowing the

A person is considered to be grounded if he comes in contact with a water pipe, metal conduit, the neutral or ground wire, or stands barefoot on a concrete floorA person is usually insulated from electrical ground by rubber or leather shoesIn other words, neither wire is a shock hazard unless a person is grounded, and then only the hot is a

It is now not safe to touch the wireSince part of the insulation is missing, there is a chance that if you touched this wire, your finger may contact the conductor and get an electric shockTherefore, always inspect wires that are lying around for damage, taking care not to shock yourself.