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Next week, Flash from the Past explains the Waterloo Park connection between concert band music and people taking off their clothesThere is a concise essay on Professor Thiele in an April

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Vintage Pinup Photography by Ramsey Borrego.

At one point, Reverse Flash (who had traveled to ) vanishes with the Flash in the midst of a "crisis"Discovering the Flash's identity, Eobard murders Nora Allen after a failed attempt to kill Barry as a child, but loses his connection to the Speed Force and gets stranded in the past.

Last September, Flash from the Past played hide and seek with readersEight photos were shown over two weeks, all from within Waterloo RegionSeptembers response showed that the quiz engaged

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In this flash from the past episode, one of the first on the podcast actually, Katie James, and industry leader in UX content design shares her journey with psoriatic arthritis, and how an open mind a passion for creativity and termination have kept her going for the past decade.

flash from the past May , Sometimes we find a picture of another time another experience, or lesson I had never heard of this writer, a friend suggested I read one of his books.

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