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Types of Head PPE Class A Hard Hats Protect you from falling objects Protect you from electrical shocks up to , volts Class B Hard Hats Protect you from falling objects Protect you from electrical shocks up to , volts Class C Hard Hats Protect you from falling objects Bump Caps

We stock the latest electrical safety equipment PPE (personal protective equipment) insulating gloves matting, ArcFlash or rescue hooksElectrical Safety Equipment ()

HexArmor Global Leader in Personal Protective Equipment ProductsHand ProtectionCut Resistant Puncture Resistant Needle Resistant Impact ResistantEye ProtectionSafety Glasses Safety Goggles Gasketed Eyewear Eyewear Accessories.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) means any device or appliance designed to be worn or held by an individual for protection against one or more health and safety hazardsRespiratory Protective Equipment Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) is a particular type of Personal Protective Equipment, used to protect the individual wearer against

MMS Medical has been providing personal protective equipment for over years to hospitals, nursing homes, care homes, clinics and medical professionals throughout IrelandThe different types of Personal Protective Equipment or PPE from MMS Medical include face shields, gloves, disposable aprons, face masks, disposable shoe covers

When must PPE be used The fundamental principle is that personal protective equipment (PPE) should only be used as a last resortThe safety and health of employees must be first safeguarded by measures to eliminate workplace risks at source, through technical or organisational means (e.g by substituting hazardous chemical ) or by providing protection on a collective basis (e.g providing

Express PPE is a professional wholesale supplier of medical PPE for a variety of commercial industries including hospitals, nursing homes, GP offices, healthcare facilities, dentists, schools, offices, crèches, and moreWe have a range of high quality personal protective equipment to buy for delivery in Ireland, The UK, and all over the world

Arco Safety, Experts in Safety and Ireland's leading supplier of safety equipment, workwear, safety boots and shoes, gloves and maintenance supplies.