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Overcurrent Coordination Page Qual Tech Engineers, IncFuse Relay coordination requires a minimum second time margin between the curvesLow Voltage Breaker Fuse coordination requires a minimum second time margin between the curves to allow for temperature variations in the fuse.

Several different arc flash mitigation technologies contribute to the effectiveness of an arc flash mitigation technologies like GEs ArcWatch For example, zone selective interlocking (ZSI) is a concept whereby components such as circuit breakers in an electrical distribution system communicate with each other in order to enable

The appropriate arc flash hazard labels would then be installed on the equipment so the user knows what the hazard risk is when approaching and working on this equipmentTo determine the alternate instantaneous setting while in the RELT mode, a second coordination study and arc flash hazard study must be performed.

Selective Coordination generally describes the design of an electrical system in which the protective device (fuse, circuit breaker or relay) nearest to the system fault clears the fault without affecting the protective devices that are upstream from itThis standard is defined in IEEE (Buff Book)IEEE Recommended Practice for Protection

Arc Flash Protection Selective Coordination using GE Circuit ABBs Electrification Business Area is a global leader in electrical products and solutions

of GEs ArcWatch solution, a set of technologies that produce always on and automatic arc flash protection without sacrificing selective coordinationProduct innovation, rigorous testing and real world experience have improved GEs selectivity solutions, as evidenced in the newer DET publication.

When coupled with GE current limiting devices downstream and other Instantaneous Zone Selective Interlock (I ZSI) capable devices upstream, circuit breakers equipped with EntelliGuard family trip units, including Spectra with microEntelliGuard provide selective coordination without sacrificing arc flash risk.

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It is interesting to note that choice of the overcurrent protective device, ratings of the devices and selective coordination between them in each particular installation create a direct impact on arc flash calculations and on selection of the personal protective equipment, as the faster the fault is cleared by the overcurrent protective device

Our selective coordination look up tables are quick and easy to useThey comprise multiple tables for main (or upstream) and branch breakersSimply match the required main and branch circuit current ratings and select the combination based on the available short circuit currentGE Publication DET , Overcurrent Device Instantaneous

Instantaneous Zone Selective Interlocking and WaveForm Recognition Technologies Deliver a Powerful Combination of Selective Coordination and Arc Flash Mitigation solutions add to GE's broader