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ACT is an Army portal that significantly changes the way training, education and experiential learning support is provided to the ArmyACT integrates data from existing Army systems into one easy to use and customized portal simplifying the career management process for the Army user.

Largest career network for professionals with federal government security clearanceContracting Jobs with the Department of Army.

No Cost Healthcare Job Training Programs For Active Duty Military Spouses Only! Military spouse career advancementGet trained and certified for a career in healthcare.

No Cost Healthcare Job Training Programs For Active Duty Military Spouses Only! Military spouse career advancementGet certified for in demand careers at no cost!

The Army If you want a little more flexibility in your lifestyle, but still want a strong sense of being in the military, the Army may be for youIf you like to cl through the mud and blow things up, using the latest and greatest of "blowing up toys," consider one of the Army's combat arms branches.

This section is designed to help you understand the tangible benefits your son or daughter will reap through a career in the U.SArmyExplore the links below to learn about hundreds of career paths and the wide variety of job opportunities a young adult may choose through the Army, and how the Army helps Soldiers pay for college.

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The Army Nurse Corps provides the nursing care and services essential to the mission of the Army Medical DepartmentResponsible for all facets of nursing relating to the planning, management, operation, control, coordination, and evaluation of all nursing practicesThis branch includes B Army Public Health Nurse.

Careers and jobsAs an active duty Soldier, youll have access to training for jobs in science, intelligence, combat, aviation, engineering, law and moreTheres no limit to what you can achieveExplore more than jobsWhether you want to search all of your options or need help narrowing them down, we'll help you find the best career

Career Match Quiz goarmy.comQuestion of If you could do any of the following, which would you choose Work with machines and mechanical systemsCare for the health and safety of othersUse advanced technology to gain the advantageKeep the Armys internal operations running smoothly.

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Types Tech, Engineering, Aerospace, Intelligence, Logistics

Join the largest career site focused on jobs requiring government security clearancesFind over , jobs requiring security clearance in defense intelligence.

The Recruiter Your Guide To Military CareersTo understand how the military career system works, you have to understand how recruiting worksMilitary recruiters are given goals and targets to reach for recruiting in general how many people they help enlist, from which geographic areas, and from which American demographics in terms of education and other career specific variables.

The Army salary for enlisted pay grades ranges from ,a month for an E with less than two years of service to ,a month for an E with or more years of serviceThe pay is the same for pay grades in all branches of the Armed Forces, even when the rank name is differentFor example, an E in the Army is a sergeant major.

Army CareersWith more than jobs in the Army ranging from science and medicine to mechanics and engineering, you can find the role that interests you the most and shape the career you want to have.

There are many benefits and perks to choosing a career in the armed forcesMore than just having an exciting job, youll have benefits that will last even after you retireThe Air Force, Army, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, Navy and National Guard all offer different opportunities in addition to the self discipline and training youll receive.