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NFPAEHRCHazard Risk Category Levels explainedIn its most basic form HRC level is low risk and HRC is the most dangerousHRC level is determined by the minimum amount of calories per square centimeter ( ATPV or Cal cm ) a treated garment must pass through with a probability of a nd or rd degree burn occurring, thus the

HRC Arc Flash PPE Category Minimum Arc Rating of cal cm Clothing Arc rated long sleeve shirt and pants or arc rated coverall, arc rated face shield or arc flash suit hood, arc rated balaclava, arc rated jacket, parka, rainwear, or arc rated hard hat liner.

Live Line Technology imports and stocks , Du Pont Nomex multi layered ATPV CAL cm arc flash suits into South AfricaATPV CAL arc flash suits fall into category HRC arc flash protectionTo get to the ATPV CAL measurement , the engineer user must perform a Hazard Risk Assessment to determine the level of exposure and need.

ATPV CAL cm fall into category HRC arc flash protectionTo provide adequate protection, the electrician should be protected from head to toeThe ATPV CAL headkit has a clearview visor that protects from thermal effects, conductor shrapnel and blinding light generated from the arcATPV CAL Jackets and trousers are available in

PPE CAT HRC ChartPrior to , the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) identified the level of arc flash protection clothing workers must wear by FR Hazardous Risk Categories (HRC)Each of the HRC levels HRC , HRC , HRC HRC , corresponded to a minimum arc rating or the level of incident energy measured in calories per

Arc flash kits, arc flash hoods and outerwear make up most of level It is often more cost effective to purchase HRC Level instead of HRC Level clothingLook at the options of moving up a level when considering arc flash kits or gearHRC may also be called Level In some cases, incorrectly, users may refer to HRC as Class .