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Electric ArcEssentially the next step up from our anti static protection, our arc protection can help against arc flashes caused by low impedance connections in a circuitIn extreme cases, Arc flashes can exceed temperatures of degrees Celsius, can cause deafening noise in addition to potentially blinding light.

Sioen Heron Cap with ARC protectionComplies withARC symbolEN ISO A B C FEN ISO Index H EN EN ISO CEDouble sided fleece Protex , FR cotton nylon , AST ± g m².Soft fleece material.Good cold protection.Breathable.Anti pilling treatment.

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Our protective clothing for working with heat, flames and arc faults offers you a flame retardant fabricThe PPEs material is also self extinguishingWhen exposed to heat, it puffs up and numerous air pockets protect the skinThe workwear is also very light and comfortable to wear.

With a focus on corporate identity in industry, our workwear range includes safetywear, personal protection equipment, jackets bodywarmers plus polo shirts, sweat shirts and work trousers, printed or embroidered with your company logo to promote your corporate imageFor the healthcare and catering industry, we produce a wide range of nurses